“Eins…Zwei…G’Suffa: Munich Campus Memories”

muncampmemcover26x9Almost 70 years later, alumni still talk about how special their years at the University of Maryland, Munich were…Back by popular demand, this third volume of Munich Campus Memories spans almost 5 decades of beer, books and brother (and sister) hood…Eins, Zwei, G’Suffa will leave you yearning for your youth and giving thanks that you survived it!

Grab this book, a cold drink and a Brezel and reminisce about Munich Campus. Servus!

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“From the Front Line to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War.”

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-1-18-44-pmUnlike World War II, when the war effort was shared by all, the role of the entire family in a military deployment has been overlooked. Yet moms and dads serve as well, as do husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, along with other loved ones. Military service is a family affair as the stories and poems in this volume testify. Written by New Mexican veterans as well as family members and others with close connections to someone in uniform, each reflection contributes to a rich understanding of what it means to contribute to military life by those out of uniform as well as those who wear one.

NOT FOR RETAIL SALE- MAMF uses this book as a text for reading/discussion groups. Query MAMF if interested. militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net


“SHOUT! Sharing our Truth”

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.28.48 AMCandid stories by LGBT veterans and family members, highlighted with original drawings and photographs from the 2017 exhibit “Inside Out” These stories are honest, open and come from different perspectives and eras. Proceeds go to Museum of the American Military Family and the Military Kid Art Project. To order click here

 “I just wanted to drop you a short note to again say congratulations on the publication of SHOUT! I just finished reading the book, and it was so moving and meaningful, as well as well-edited! It was put together in such a nice way –  I appreciated the chronological organization, as well as how the artwork function in relationship to the stories. It’s a valuable resource – as well as a good read!”

“Battle Songs”

Written by our Writer-in-Residence, Paul Zobrod

 “Sing. Sing Battle Songs!” So begins a story that looks back at a long-forgotten war now worth revisiting. Four young are men are drafted in the early 1950’s from the coal fields and farms of Western Pennsylvania to join a struggle they do not understand in country they know nothing about. Taking with them a legacy of violence that prevails to this day, each in his own way must confront the absurdity of battle within the framework of his own identity and the life he leaves behind. Only in their loyalty to each other can they find meaning in a bitter conflict that remains unresolved more than half a century later. Told from four different perspectives, this novel contrasts the horrors of the battlefield with accounts of mid twentieth-century life in an overlooked part of America—a world far different on the surface but deeply similar to the one young people know in today’s strife-torn opening years of the twenty-first century. New reprint available on Amazon in September, 2020

War Child: Lessons Learned From Growing Up in War

“War Child,” is a collection of first-hand stories by service members who were deployed into combat while teenagers, adults who, as children, grew up in a war zone, and children who experienced a parent or sibling serving in war.

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What people are saying: 

“I began reading it this weekend. So far, I am very impressed. So many different, yet similar experiences.Some of the stories caused me to feel a little stressed, making me realize that there are still some unresolved feelings, all these years later. “

“I got the book today- thank you so much! It brought tears to my eyes!”

“I just hope historians of the future can use these books as resources.  Too often the histories are lists of years, generals, and  heads of state and the decisions they made.  Sometimes some of the support folks get into the histories, but their families are usually nameless ghosts in the background.  I’m glad you’re giving us ghosts a chance to speak.”

“I LOVE that you are doing this project.  It is a beautiful cover and outline!”

Homefront Hearth: Memories & Recipes from Military Families Around the World

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An Art Teacher’s Window, a second craft book created by long-time art teacher, Joan Olson is also available on Lulu.com 


Brat Time Stories: A book for Nocturnal Brats is latest anthology compiled by MAMF’s 2018-2020 Writer-in-Residence, Lauren Mosher will debut in mid-September 2020. These tales which all take place at night will be sure to entertain and delight. The  anthology will be available on amazon. Proceeds from the sale of Brat Time Stories will help further the museum’s literary projects.

On Freedom’s Frontier offers a personal look at what it was like to live along Germany’s East-West border during the Cold War. Over forty men and women who lived and worked along the Fulda Gap contributed their memories to paint a vivid picture of every day life during this interesting time in history. This is one of several anthologies compiled by the Museum of the American Military Family as part of its mission to show history from many perspectives. Proceeds from Freedom’s Frontier will help the museum further its work and its writer-in-residence program. Artwork by Diane Page Harper and John Pretti. This project was funded, in part, by a generous grant from Bernalillo County, NM.

Here’s what some reviews say:

“Great memories of when I was stationed on the boarder in the 80’s it is a collection of stories of the soldiers by the soldiers that was there through out the years”

“Loved all the stories of the soldiers who wrote and included pictures how their experience was, living close to what during that time was called the East German border.”

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